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The CLIF GreenNotes program works to help connect mission driven musicians with their non-profit partners.  As part of that program we award artist grants to the select partnerships that warrant them.  The monies are awarded on a rolling basis with Spring, Summer and Fall deadlines. 







In order to apply for a grant you must first start a profile.  This profile is searchable and contains elements that can be reviewed as part of the matching process (step two).  Be sure to upload all your information.  This includes all your contact information, a photo, any multi-media links (video, audio) and your social media profiles. Finally, be sure to fill out your social change priorities.  This allows for best matching between non-profits and their musician partners.


Once your account is complete you can “find a match”.  This allows you to search the CLIF GreenNotes database for your best fit.  This is based on mission but also priorities.  Once that match is found you can connect to see if you have mutual interest and availability. If you do then you can move on to step three.


Once you have a partner in mind you can connect and build your partnership. Sometimes that program needs additional funding to help realize your mutual goals. If that is the case you can apply for grant support here.

In order to be eligible you and your partner must be registered in the system, the non-profit partner must be a registered 501c3, and you must clearly explain how the funding is necessary for the project to be completed.

All applications will be reviewed and notified of their status.


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