Sustainable Merch

Sometimes it can be hard to track down the right vendors for eco-friendly and organic merch. This list offers options of up-to-date companies creating high quality products, made using sustainable methods and practices. GreenNotes invites you to explore these eco-friendly companies that thrive to produce high quality merchandise using sustainable methods and practices.



Econscious proudly works with organic farmers, keeping millions of pounds of chemicals out of the environment.  Recognizing the planet’s finite resources, they’ve created a full product line made from organically sourced cotton and sustainable fibers.

ts designs

Cotton of the Carolinas is locally grown and processed from “dirt to shirt.”  TS Designs works with organizations who seek a better quality product with a better environmental and social impact.


As a pioneer of the green movement, Anvil has stayed true to their lineage with its commitment to the environment, people and communities.  With efficient energy, wastewater treatment and waste reduction programs, as well as a commitment to vertical integration, Anvil ensures high quality products through sustainable practices.


Certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, Sharprint believes in impacting the environment in only positives ways.  Sharprint implements their practices through the use of organic garments, as well as biodegradable and recycled materials.


Continually adapting and growing to meet the unique needs to their artistic and musically based clientele, Jakprints combines their passion for business with clear dedication to customizations, turn-around, environmental responsibility and customer service.

Water Bottles:

Klean Kanteen

Stainless steel and toxin-free, Klean Kanteen offers a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles.  Aluminum lined and crafted from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, these bottles are designed to last a life time.


CamelBak is proudly committed to reducing their carbon footprint by reducing water waste, saving energy, eliminating toxic emissions and putting an end to the use of harmful chemicals. Their unique hydrating products are fit for athletes and performers alike and continue to  replace bottled water across the planet.

With a mission to inspire and support active lifestyles, California based Vapur is doing just that with their introduction of the Anti-Bottle.  Their light weight, portable, and easily compactable packs make for a reusable and effortless carry.


With a vision to create a fashionable alternative for people drinking on the move, EarthLust designed an Earth friendly bottle in hopes to advance the elimination of single use plastic bottles.  EarthLust offers a line of customizable, non-toxic, stainless steel products for those interested in keeping our planet healthy.

Printing & Paper:


Recycled paper, onsite printing, and vegetable based ink are just a few of the ways that GreenerPrinter demonstrates their dedication to sustainability.  Serving the printing needs of any business with the highest quality while meeting the highest standard of environmental responsibility in the industry.

New Leaf Paper

New Leaf Paper prides itself on their environmental commitment and authenticity by working solely with paper mills that incorporate the most sustainable design principles available.  With an abundance of eco friendly products and processes, New Leaf strives to be a part of the change on this greener path.

Botanical PaperWorks

As a top leader in eco-friendly paper production, Botanical PaperWorks offers a unique variety of promotional items made from seed embedded paper.  Their plantable paper is biodegradable and made from post-consumer materials that composts leaving behind a beautiful addition to our planet.

Green Solutions Printing

Green Solutions Printing encourages and helps clientele create an impact with their exclusive printing needs by employing a full range of environmentally sound practices.  Dedicated to affordable and sustainable printing, Green Solutions firmly believes in leaving a lighter footprint on our Earth.

Seeds Green Printing

Using 100%-recycled paper stocks and vegetable-based inks, Seeds Green Printing strives to produce cost efficient, eco-friendly, green products of equal or better quality than its competitors in the green movement.  Monumental advances in technology allow Seeds Green Printing to waste less by printing cleaner and more efficiently.


Tri-State Biodiesel

Tri-State Biodiesel is focused on the development and implementation of sustainably-produced biodiesel.  Founded by environmentalists and entrepreneurs, TSB provides clean, renewable Biodiesel fuel made from recycled cooking oil to the entire Tri-State region.

Northeast Biodiesel

Northeast Biodiesel is a community based company developed by Co-op Power committed to the production of biodiesel using recycled cooking oils.  Through active community relationships, restaurants and members both benefit from a stronger customer base, and local, sustainable, greener fuel.

Pacific Biodiesel

From fuel crop research to fuel processing, Pacific Biodiesel reins as a pioneer and advocate for the establishment of sustainable community-based biodiesel.  Pacific Biodiesel offers exceptional service by owning, operating and building their own production plants.


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