Touring Soon? Start Here

  • EnviroRider

    Designed to help agents and production managers communicate with venues on sustainable action items requested for artist’s performance.

  • Strive For Five

    Encourage fans to take alternative transportation, reduce landfilled waste, seek out source local and sustainable food, reduce emissions & track and communicate the progress to all involved.

  • EnviroTour

    A guide for artists and managers who want to implement sustainable production practices for their tours.

  • Non-profit, post your needs on this bulletin board

  • Sometimes it can be hard to track down the right vendors for organic merch—this list offers an up-to-date list of sustainable options.
  • A solid bio tells your story, what you stand for and why you might make a great partner, interviewee and more. Here are 5 tips to help you develop your own solid bio.
  • Once you decide you want to green your tour, you can do a few simple and effective things that will really cut back on your waste. Some things will be relatively easy and others will take more time.
  • Every fan can make a huge difference and social media gives an opportunity to mobilize en masse. This simple checklist will help keep your socially conscious campaign on track.
  • Benefits are an amazing and scalable way to help raise money and awareness for any organization. They also can be overwhelming. Here are some road-tested ideas to keep expectations in check.
  • POV is an artist-driven op-ed series on social change and the arts. Here Dessa reflects on her hunt for healthy foods on the road.
  • You drive from show to show with the best intentions of eating well—planning to eat homemade bread and locally sourced greens, but by 3 a.m. you’re staring down a vending machine. machine.
  • UK-based Nonprofit Julie's Bicycle works to make sustainability intrinsic to the business, art, and ethics of creative industries.
  • Good Work looks at issues from a NFP perspective. Here Lori Kratchmer, Executive Director of The Food Group, talks about hunger and fresh food access.